Squash – Finals Night and Competition

Squash - WSCThe Squash Club held its Finals Night of the ‘John Bird Summer League’ Friday 19th August in the Sports Lounge attended by approximately 40 of its members. As well as congratulating the winning team, ‘Trophy Hunters’, everyone happily tucked into homemade chilli-con-carne and chicken curry, made by club members, Anne Cook and Julie Krlic.

Every Point Counts – Craig Eardley stretching his opponent Sam Mawson during their game on Friday 19th. Photo by Max Mason

The annual competition is organised by long time Club member, John Theaker. A team of 3 players of varying abilities compete against each other, 3 games, first to 21. Every point counts because it is the team with the overall highest score that wins on the night. Each team plays each other twice and at the end of Summer on the final night, the team with the most wins and points, is declared the winner.

It is aimed at introducing new players into competition play in a relaxed and fun way with the emphasis equally on the socialising as much as the sport. Every night after each game the two teams meet.